Saturday, 21 January 2017

Here is my wishes to a special sister on her Birthday today Molly's Birthday 21/01/2017 - click here

Wednesday, 16 November 2011

Mitch Bechard - birthday today 17/11/2011

It is a day to reflect on a son and a father. The passing of a Dad and the final moments of GOOD BYE on your birthday - there will be time to sit alone and remember HAPPY DAYS and smile within yourself and share in words with your kids today - On such and such a day I did that with my Dad, on my 12th Birtday I did that and so on and so on - HAPPY DAYS and fond memories - TOTSIENS PAPPI BECHARD and our best wishes to Mitch on his Birthday today - may this message give you strength and courage on your Birthday Mitch :
from Billy and Ria

Monday, 1 August 2011

WHAT A WINNER - 2/8/2011

2nd AUGUST 2011
HaPpy BirThDaY

Tuesday, 5 July 2011

The Cali " Cowles - Birthday time

4-7-2011 and  6-7-2011 its a double header in California and as it is a custom the fire works explode to celabrate these two special birthdays - not to sure of the reason............

Happy Birthday Frank & Charnelle

Saturday, 2 July 2011

A sad day for the EDITOR

It is a very sad day today for me the Editor of the " THE 8COWLES BLOG" and not an easy task to do this typing, but with a sore heart and soul and tears in my eyes this will be a last posting. The blog will remain alive and accessible for family to look back on memories of days gone by. Due to lack of interest and forwarding of events and happings in all our lives, busy as they may be it ( the blog) has reached its sell by date. I see that FACE BOOK has all the news, everybody is posting the whats happening around them and its a fantastic way to stay in contact and spread the news.

Any items that come the EDITORS way will be posted and updated but it seems that these will be few and far between, even the Birthday photo's have faded away.

Love you all toooooooo much and see you on FACE BOOK or when ever you post some thing for the blog.

It has and always will be a pleasure to share your lives and events with all that log onto THE 8COWLES BLOG , a piece of me has just gone by the wayside...............................................................

we were 8 and now we are 7, not withstanding all the extensions - Love to you all.

Wednesday, 22 June 2011

Friday, 17 June 2011

Fathers day 19th June

Our Father, which art in heaven,
William be thy name.
Thy Family is closer
thy will be done,
On earth as it is in heaven
You gave us our daily bread.
And made us learn from our trespasses,
as we had may of them that trespass against you.
You lead us to be better people,
but delivered us from evil.
For you are our father we we are your children,
the memories, and the teachings,
Will live for ever and ever.
Thanks Dad!

Sent in by Franky

The phot Of

Wednesday, 8 June 2011

Its the man today Mr Kevin Baart

Happy Birthday Kevin

Kevin at Hole in the Wall and out & about  doing what he loves best -  being away with his family at new and remote places.

Saturday, 4 June 2011

5th of June 2011- ALLAN COOPER

Looking over all the photo's I have, and trying to find one that really showed the mood of a guy who turns 62 today. A photo that also reflects back over the years with achievements, I could not find one, so I had to contact Trish and ask her to find one that met with this criteria and set the mood.

The Photo below says it all.

Tuesday, 31 May 2011

1st June 2008-2011 its 3 wonderful years - WILLIAM DANIEL COWLE

To our precious little Liam

We can't believe how much you have enriched our lives with your
loveliness the past 3 years.  Your smile lights up every situation. Your
cheekiness melts our hearts. Every night, when we go into your room
again to have one more look at you long after you've fallen asleep, we
can't believe how lucky we are.

We love you so much.

Happy 3rd birthday!

Mummy and Daddy

Thursday, 26 May 2011

its a Conlon this time around on the 27/05/2011

Happy birthday Daryll, 
hope you have a great day
on the 27th May 2011
 All our love
Teresa, Mitch and the rest of the family "Down Under"
and all of us on the 8cowles Blog

Wednesday, 25 May 2011

Flag Counter - interesting figures

Go down to the flag counter below  and click on the flag counter to see lots of different details and stats.
Down under is still kicking butt big time................ where the other countries come from is mind boggling, but it is quite amazing how many idiotic and rubbish comments the editor has to reject that are attempted and published on the blog. I can not stop the flag counter though. Maybe before I cancell some of the idiotic comments I should copy/paste into a email for you all to see, makes for some over 21 reading though, thats if you want parts of your anatomy to be bigger. ( if you need the web sites I can forward them on)

Wednesday, 18 May 2011

19th May it's Tami's Birthday

"Happy 20th Birthday" special girl. Thank you for 20 amazing, stress free years. From your loving family"

Friday, 13 May 2011


Yip its Birthday time again

Photos and verse sent in by: DEBBIE - for my LITTLE SIS

Sunday, 8 May 2011

Country flag counter - each visitor gets a new flag count - who is winning

CLICK on the flag counter to see more details and spread, plus the country names
Come on the rest of YOU, Down under is kicking some serious butt.

Free counters!

Wednesday, 27 April 2011

1st of May - ITS YUM CHA TIME

1969 - MITCH and TESSY
Comment by Mitch:-:  Sorry Teresa another 60 years to go. The bull and the Scorpio. "
Until death do us part".
Thank you Bill.
Regards to William and Kate.
lets get ready to
this is "A TESSY REQUEST" Mom sang this at their Wedding
TESSY - below is THE ORIGNAL SONG FROM 1969 by Dave Mills on Springbok Radio

this is JUST FOR YOU from  ME - BB

Just as a note: some video's are blocked in some countries - like Dubai and others -  on Youtube because of the back ground music, so i have loaded another version of each video at the bottom which is not via Youtube - so all can see - note -  they are duplicates buy now all can see them. ENJOY TESSY's BIRTHDAY - with us all.

Molly sat back and looked into this day - 60 days on and put her thoughts to paper as she gazed into the crystal ball and thought about her SISTER TESSY - and this it what she has to share with her..........

THERESA'S  "Baidy Boom" Bernadette says it all - 60 REASONS WHY I LOVE MY

60 reasons

A message for DUBAI........................................... The COOPERS

Side by side
Or miles apart,
A sister like you Tessy,
Is always close to the heart.

Wishing you all the great things in life, hope this day will bring you an extra share of all that makes you happiest. May your days be filled with sunshine and beautiful colors. And may your nights be filled with comforting dreams and wishes to come.

A sister is a little piece of childhood that can't ever be lost. Today is your day to shine as every day should be.

1st May 2011 - 60 YEARS 

A message from DEBBIE in South Africa on behave of the Whitaker Family

Aunty Tessy is an inspiration to me/us. 

She is amazing, she never gives up no matter the odds.

Happy 60th birthday to a truly remarkable Aunty… with love, Deb’s
YUM CHA - 1st may 2011 
Then the message with another 60 reasons
from the Baart's - Monica

Tessy You have...
an astonishing capacity for hard and painstaking effort, and it is probably this characteristic, allied with a stubbornness, that refuses to admit defeat.

Inherited a deep intuition - tremendous common sense,
a powerful will.
Courage to handle the difficulties of life with a solid attitude - a nobility of purpose.
A belief that love must last forever, determination. 
You get to where you are going, not because you are exceptionally fast or clever, but because you will not be distracted from your goals.
A knowledge that life is based on what is real, not what is imagined.
A very calm nature and can put up with lot of provocation, with very strong will power . You have more moral and emotional courage than the average women.
The ability to not see social status while making friends. You want to be friends with people who do not hide their true nature and come across as they really are,
a mind of your  own - good taste
the ability to bear endless pain and stress, without complaining - enormous emotional strength.
Expectations that people you love will stand by you when you need them.
A dislike for anything artificial, be the flowers in your  vase or the people in your life. You have to feel the fragrance of real roses and the presence of real people. The beauty of Mother Nature pleases you.
a dislike for ugliness of any kind. You, like Carol, love to be amidst colourful surroundings, like gardens blooming with flowers.

You are...
a valued possession
patient and reliable
warm-hearted and loving
persistent and determined
placid and security loving
faithful and generous
a friend with a great capacity for affection
someone who likes comfort and pleasure
never deceived into doing anything that you do not want to.
Someone who likes the outdoors – I remember our camping trips.
Very dependable.
A good cook and you will always treat others to excellent homemade food - a very good homemaker,
giving and care a lot about your family and friends
never whiny about you responsibilities.
An excellent mother and have great kids.
A teacher to us all – 
you have taught me how to be strong and persistent 
and to never give up.
MONICA - you ever loving little SISTER.
**************Garry and Sabine *************
Well what to say,   Lets see?     Teresa what can I  say,  except that you
are an inspiration.
With all that you have gone through, and with what may still come you have
fought on, and never have given up as so many would have.
We admire your never say never attitude, integraty, dedication, true gritt,
and your love for family friends and life.
Have a wonderful 60th.
we add this photo of you
must be some YUM-CHA cooking we think...........

Now for a collage of photos from the YUM-CHA BIRTHDAY PARTY and a small message of appreciation from 
TESSY herself 

Hi all,
Thanks to one and all who made my day the most memorable
60th birthday.
Thank you all for the gifts I received.
Thanks Bb for the blog.
Thanks for joining me in a Yum Cha lunch
A big thanks goes to 

Monique for organising the lunch

There are more photos to come I am just waiting for everyone
to send them in.

I had a wonderful day.

All my love
Tessy (Cowle)  / Teresa Bechard

Now for the duplicate vidoes - same 3 as above but not via YOUTUBE. above- I use Youtube because then new technology like Ipads and Iphones and other smart phones can view the blog. But here they are the old fashioned way for all to see.

Wednesday, 20 April 2011

Happy Birthday ANDY 20th April 2011

Yip Andy's first Birthday on the blog, he really has not yet realised what he has let himself in for.

On Friday 22nd,  TANDY, Andy's folks, his Brother and Sister, Leon & Elizma, Ria & Billy are all going out for dinner to a Thai food restaurant. So then we will have a real blog birthday  item with some lovely photo's , so watch this space.

Have a laugh with all of us just to kick off Andy and Tania's celebration of Today


Thursday, 14 April 2011

One month on - WE miss you nights - Carol

Some times we look back and wonder and then again we look forward - there is a Legacy and the Memories, and today the editor gets an email from Monica, who has just got off the phone with she sends...........A POEM..for all of us ...................................

1 month on - "A YELLOW ROSE"



Wednesday, 13 April 2011


For he's a Jolly Good Fella, and so say all of us - from the Family and the Blog - Happy Birthday

Sunday, 3 April 2011

GRAND-JOCKIE - KAY's Birthday - 3/4/2011

Herewith photo of Kay for the blog.  She turns a whopping 18 on Sunday, 3 April 2011.  Mom would of loved this photo – she bragged to all her friends on Kay’s riding accomplishments. 

We are sure going to miss that first phone call – Mom always beat the rest of the family when it came to wishing us all happy, happy.  Miss her so much.

Kay got a first place for her first Dressage Competition last year October. The attached photo was taken on the day.  Mom always spoke about her Grandies, hence Grand-jockie

Please put the following caption with the photo “Nana’s special Grand-jockie”

If there is space please add the following:
“Happy 18th Birthday precious Kay – from Pa, Mom, Dad, Tami, Allan, Johan, the Ritchies, Stapelbergs, Uncle Paul, Kaitlyne and the many, many Great Uncles & Aunts, cousins, and, and…..

“Special message from Nana – you made me swell with pride!” (I found this message – it was just after Mom’s birthday – Kay had sent her a special birthday message and this was mom’s response “Tell Kay her sms on my birthday made me cry and swell with pride!  Happy tears she sent such a special message”



Sunday, 27 March 2011

Paul Snr Birthday 28th March 2011

Happy Birthday Paul, from the whole lot of us...................................Prayers and thoughts are with you today.

Sunday, 20 March 2011

Monique and Duncan for her 40th. Yum Cha, it was Fantastic - Luv Tessy

21st March 2011

Wow still having bad hair days after 40 years !
Happy 40th Birthday Monique 21st March 2011
Tons of love
Mum, Dad, Bernadette, Daryll, Jessica & Jean-Pierre

Monday, 14 March 2011

The circle of life - Carol Anne Whitaker ( Cowle)

Carol - has shaped everyone of our lives in one way or another and this little video signifies the pieces of her life and one of those pieces is yours - a unique shape
How you touched her life and how she touched your life.

Sunshine is delicious, rain is refreshing, wind braces up, snow is exhilarating; there is no such thing as bad weather, only different kinds of good weather

12th January 1947 - 10th March 2011
 64years 1month and 26days.
RIP in Eternity Carol
Wife, Mom, Nanna, Sister, Sister in law and Friend.

One must look at something very special. Carol was 1 of eight kids, the second born and the
signifies a circle of life. It is never ending and interlinked with us all,
from birth and till death do us part.
This signifies a walking stick, a crutch we will need to take us down the path, walking a road without our dear and beloved sister.

The circle of life can take away the air that we breath and the rhythm of our hearts but one thing it can not take away is 
The memories of Carol have not gone to rest on
THURSDAY 10th March 2011
and will not go to rest, when we say our final farewell on 
THURSDAY 17th March 2011

These memories we all have, each and everyone of us, will stay with us for ever, until the time comes for us to join her, in a place that she called 

From where she looks down and watches over us from now and into eternity............

We loved you Carol, we still love you Carol,
and this love, the same love you had for us, will guide us on in our lives,
Until we meet again.............

The last Email The Editor got from Carol, 8/3/2011, was one of many that she sent out, and it signifies what she stood for and the love she had for Family and Friends.
Here is just an extract of one page, that will be forever embedded right here on the blog.

The Old man once said many years ago, and today his words ring out to everybody
Still Beautiful

Sunday, 6 March 2011

7/3/2011 - its Bernadette - alias Bady - Down Under

Happy Birthday Baidy - Boom, hope you have a great day on
the 7th March. Miss you so much.

Tons of love
Da Mummy and Dad 

from the 8Cowles Blog 
 Happy Birthday

Friday, 25 February 2011

It must be called " Packers Day" 25th February 2011 - CHEANE COWLE

The winner takes it all, so much has happened this year, with all the hair do'es and make-up's  - not to mention the big venture of business. We all wish you the best of success

25th FEBRUARY 2011

Saturday, 12 February 2011

Its another Birthday - JP Bechard 12/2/2011

Well, looking at the picture, there is a old saying - " The apple does not fall far the tree" lets hope the little white ball does not fall to far from the hole.
Mitch at least you have someone close by to give you a couple of good tips on that drive swing of yours.

Happy Birthday Boykie for the 12th February.

All our love Mum, Dad, Monique and Duncan
& from all on the blog - have a cracker of a day
its a 4 iron JP

Sunday, 6 February 2011

Its Tania's Birthday 7-2-2011 ** 32years today - WOW

A question I ask myself as a DAD is  -- "What is a Daughter"???
the answer is actually pretty simple.............

A Daughter is ..... a little girl, that comes into her Dads life 32 years ago, 
she grows up to become his 

Yip -  Tania is just that - nothing more and nothing less, and looking around her family and friends, this question or should I say the answer, can be verified by one & all.

Not only is it her Birthday celebration today 7th Feb 2011, but this year - in a few weeks time she will be walking down the Isle with me - for me to give her away to her
Newest and Dearest BEST FRIEND - ANDY

May 2011 bring you sooooooooooooo much Happiness and Love 
Tania - my Madampie - from Ougroote


We got together saturday to wish Tania happy birthday at Leon-Elizma's house, Liam had to say HIP HIP HOORAY and help Tanas open her presents. With the singing and the toast with champagne all done, 
we all went out for dinner.
Happy birthday from us all - LEON - ELIZMA - LIAM - RIA - BILLY - ANDY

TANIA 7-2-2011 

and then - there is 
"A Day in the life of TANIA"

Wednesday, 26 January 2011

Welbeck St - this one is for Dad - Bill Cowle


In my work as a Maintenance Manager, my world of responsibility has just expanded - hopefully my pay package aswell. I have been allocated a new building to look after added to my present responsibilities.

So why post this on the blog

The new building hsa an address - 72 WELBECK St, now for those that don't remember or don't know Welbeck st is where Dad lived in his last happy days in Newcastle.

Now of the hundreds of buildings in London I get the one that is listed in this street, How amazing is that.

The very strange thing is, when I told Ria, her first words were - That's the street that DAD lived in. WOW, how amazing is that.

Just had to share this with you all.

Me in front of DADS house after he died, on a holiday  trip to England in  2004

Sunday, 23 January 2011



Here is an entry for the 8Cowles blog from us: Tania & Andy

Tania & Andy needed to replace the shower in their en-suite.  It was leaking and causing water damage to the ceiling downstairs.  Andy started the work between Xmas and New Year, ripping out the old shower and preparing for the installation of the new one.  He did a really good job and made some excellent progress considering he was ill with flu and a chest infection.
Bill & Ria came over to stay on New Year’s day.  The 2 guys worked hard for 2 days and Andy did some of the last things during the first week in January.  First shower taken Friday 7 Jan – BLISS!!! Andy has a few more final things to do, and then it will be complete.   Here are a few photos (don’t worry, there are no photos of the first shower taken.....)

From Tania: Thanks to the 2 wonderful men in my life for a job well done!!!  Quoting Frank: “Team Work Makes the Dream Work!”