Sunday, 29 March 2009

29th March - 8 O'clock news

Its spring time in the UK, so we start of the happy season off, with the news on the pavement, under a tree next to the editors house. Sun is shinning and all the trees and shrubs are in full bloom, it is tooooooooooooo beautiful, Ok then, back to the 8 O'clock newsWell as you can all see the EDITOR is back from the fantastic break he had with Ria in WALES, it was just amazing with wall 2 wall sunshine and awesome scenery. So now I am all rested up and ready to fire on all 6 cylinders, here is the latest 8 O'clock news.

All the photos in this news bulletin have been added to 1 common album, so you can see all the event in one go. The link is at the bottom of the bulletin.
Tessy has been busy again with the DSA and just loves this event and as if I haven't said it before..... Hello to the DSA and all those fantastic Guys & Dolls - WOW you just amaze us with your dedication and of course your love for the sport you enjoy so much, sharing it with these special people. Thanks from all the Cowles world wide.
Then Tessy received a package in the post from our news corespondent in Nelspruit - Sunny South Africa and this is what she had to say about it - Magic or something like that......

Today I received a parcel and it contained 4 angels. 2 were Germolene tubes(Miracle cream)and the other a very special set of worry beads which I will treasure for the rest of my life. The last was a HUGE amount of love. My Sis - Carol sent me these gifts and I will always thank her for her love and dedication to me. I love you Sis with all my heart – Tessy

The story of the germolene started when Carol came to Australia last October James asked her to bring some for them as he believed that there was nothing to match it here, So Carol brought them some and gave me a tube. I had not seen or used germolene in over 20 years. Now it just happened that I had a bed sore for over 3 weeks and that was stubborn in healing. We had tried all sorts, Mitch applied the germolene and hey presto 3 days later the bed sore was fully healed. Now we gave it to our chemist who analysed it and said there was no cream to match in Australia and he was unable to copy it (rules etc.)The germolene has since cleared up burns, mozzie bites and cuts.I then asked my Sis to send me more. Which she did She is sending me more and when Debbie comes she will bring more with her. So that's why Mitch calls it miracle cream Although I think My Sis - Carol sent lots of love with the cream and every time we use it her love is there to help with the healing

Now that's something to think about, it is like
Mrs Balls Chutney in the UK, the locals cant get enough of the stuff - they call it magic food. With the good spring weather we are having, the is a SA butcher in our local village and on a Saturday he gets the braais out on the pavement of his butcher shop, and makes trillions of BOEREWORS HOTDOGS, and of course decorates them with the chutney, needless to say he sell a hell of a lot of bottles of Mrs Balls Chutney as well.

Here is me having one of the spring braais in my
own back yard, before the rugby Irish - Wales rugby match, last Saturday. Needless to say the Irish got the Six nations and the grand slam as
well - the first time in 61 years.

Now we are off to Barra in Mozambique - FISHING
Now earlier the Birthday man of the month Paul, well actually Paul x2 ( snr & jnr) went on a deep sea fishing trip down to the neighbouring country of Mozambique, taking along Paul's pride and joy "THE GAFFER", I remember the day Paul took this brand new boat for its " SEA WORTHY CERTIFICATE TEST" it was the day the Bulls played the Free state to a draw in the curry cup final. The boat inspector wrote with a blue felt tip board marker the words "OP DIE BULLE" all over Paul's brand new boat. You guessed it - Paul did not buy him a beer in the pub. And when we got back home ( Pauls house) we had to rub down the boat with rubbing compound to get the blue writing stain out the paint work.
Well, looking at the photos, its looks like they had a cracker of a time, and due to the short duration of the video I received I have replayed it 5 times otherwise you will miss the adventure of pulling in a MARLIN.
These are two camera videos taken from The Gaffer. Tickey, you may
remember him Billy, he was Paul's best man at his wedding. Well Tickey
hooked a Marlin, if you concentrate on the two video shots you can see the
Marlin jumping out of the water clearly in the first video and then slightly
in the second one. Tickey brought it up to the boat after fighting it for
an hour and then they tagged and released it into the big deep blue.

Monica spent a few minutes to send in these two beautiful photos of her and Kevin's
My beautiful daughter Kathryn, now a teenager....She is managing High School and really settled into Grade 8 and so happy. She is still horse riding and is now on horses and not ponies.

The Editor just wants to know one thing " How is Kevin going to handle all those eligible young men knocking on the front door" ????????????

Nick did a speech at school. It was on a magic potion (no not a potion to grow his two front teeth!) He did a time potion so he could go into the future to see if he gets to see Liverpool play a match in real life. Nick is an absolute Liverpool fan. Frank you will remember Nicks speech on the police especially the
'I am flippen finished' !!!

Debbie returns from AMERICA - BOISE - IDAHO
fortunately all in one piece

Herewith long awaited photo's from my trip to Boise, Idaho at the beginning
of February 2009. I was invited by Special Olympics International as a guest
to watch our South African team play floor hockey - we won and came home
with gold. Even though the trip was short - I got to spend 5 magnificent
days in Boise.
We stayed at the Grove Hotel which had a breath taking view of the snow
capped mountains - being the foothills of the Rocky Mountains.
We took a day trip out to Bogus Basin Ski Resort, about an hours drive from
Boise, situated in the foothills of the Rocky Mountains. It was absolutely
beautiful. Ventured out on the ski slope, got concussed and was brought down the slope on a medic sled (still don't remember what happened). Was rushed off to hospital where I spent the afternoon under observation.
The opening ceremony was awesome.

I was invited to walk into the stadium alongside our SA Athletes. Felt very important and very honoured.Before long we were on our way back to Boise Airport to catch our looooong
flight home.
Lots of love, Deb's

Leon, Elizma and Liam went to South Africa to visit Elizma folks, share little Liam with them and spent 2 weeks catching some sun on the beaches of the south coast.
I am sure we will have plenty of photos & videos to watch on their blog next week. when Elizma & Liam arrive back in the UK.

While out on a walk on the beach front in Margate with Liam in his pram, there they were walking along and taking in the fresh sea air. An elderly couple walking in the opposite direction stopped to admire Liam, talk to him, tickle under the chin and pass a comment what a beautiful little baby boy. That's it and off they go........ when the are about 2o meters past, Leon Turns around and shouts "Oom Mieg - Tannie Jane", all of a sudden he thinks ( a bit apprehensive) I am sure its them. Its me Leon. The eldery man says "WHO" Leon replies I am Ria's son. WoW they are all so surprised, get back together again and have a long chat about the family, who's who in the zoo and all that jazz. They part with best wishes for the family on both sides.

Well, the elderly couple was by pure chance Ria's only brother and his wife, also on holiday in Margate - from Alberton.

How many of us would be in the same boat, walking do
wn the street and not recognising a close or even a very close family member.

Now this is where the blog comes in - get your news and photos in so we can all see what you look like and what is happening in your world.

Don't forget to send in a new picture of yourself for the


Editors Note: I for one would walk past a few of you lot - so do something about it.
We would all love to see your news and a photo or two.

Thursday, 12 March 2009

editor is off to Wales for a week

Yip we are off, no internet. no computer no nothing, just me and the old girl off for a weeks break to Wales, so catch up with all the news on the blog after the 23rd March. just keep those emails and pics coming they wont get lost and will all be waiting in my inbox when we get back and hey the big fella will also be back soon as well.



Sunday, 8 March 2009


An engagement in the Bechard Family of Evelyne Audibert to Scot and a great reason to get the camera out and to take a few pics of her Grandmother and Grandfather
together with all their children etc.
Below is a short video summary of the family photos.

to see the still photos - click here

With lots of love TERESA & MITCH -

Je'teim toi mon ange

for Jessica who will be 15 in April

Sunday, 1 March 2009

1st March - time for the 8 O'clock news

Can you believe it, the 1st of March already. There are a few who celebrate their birthdays this month and we wish them all the best - get your photo in for the birthday block.

Bernadette Conlon 7th March
Monique Bechard 21st March

Paul ( snr) Whitaker 28th March

March is eventful--- with Leon-Elizma & Liam flying out on Monday the 2nd for a well deserved break, they are off to sunny South Africa to visit her Mom & Dad, catch up with all the family and also a 2 week visit to the sunny beach in Margate, sure Liam will have a ball in the sea, sand and waves. There will be plenty photos and videos of this trip.
Ouma Zet and Oupa Danie - hope you enjoy the short visit immensely.

There was a movie called "BREAKFAST AT ST. TIFFANY'S" so who knows we might do a remake on this one with Breakfast in Abu Dhabi. Tricia & Franky will be chatting over a cup of cuppachino and toast on Tuesday morning.

Billy and Ria are off in mid March to Northern Wales for a small restful break- 7 days, a couple of nice mountain walks, some fly fishing in the mountain streams, a good book and a glass of good wine. No TV, No Internet, no laptop - just chill-out.

About a 5hour drive and we will be there.

Peacefully located on the rivers edge near the village of Caeathro, 2ml from the historic town of Caernarfon. Cosily furnished to a high standard it is ideal for young families and couples wanting to come and enjoy the peace and tranquillity of the prestigious Glan Gwna holiday retreat in Snowdonia. The cabin is situated with others only a short walk to Glan Gwna Hall and restaurant which overlooks the outdoor swimming pool and playground. In peak season, live entertainment is available. Close by is Snowdon (6ml) and the lakeside village of Llanberis, where there are plenty of walks, pony trekking at Waunfawr (3ml), steam train rides up Snowdon and through the valleys. Caernarfon is a majestic town with a grand castle and walled town with small shops within. Award winning sandy beach at Dinas Dinlle is also only a short drive (8ml).

Cant wait, so watch this space for photo's and videos when we get back

Balalaika - Nelspruit is almost finished

Carol and Paul are getting all excited as moving into their new house draws closer and closer. This has been a family affair -, what with design, survey, project leader, builder, etc etc etc all done within family members, I am sure our reporter from Nelspruit will put a long editorial together for the next news bulletin. Nearly completed, the kitchen is done with Oregon pine, the grains and knots have come out beautifully. You will see I have a 4 plate gas hob with two electrical plates in the middle...thank you Eskom!! The pool is just to get cool in and just the right size for me to swim lengths!! The house will be completed on 8th March 2009.
The house is looking so great - check out more photos by clicking here

The way to braai has changed down under.......
Tessy shows how it is done

Down under they all get together for a Barbeque, that's a braai done with electricity. Seems that it was enjoyed by all and the chef did her part as well.

Now for Ouma & Oupa to brag a bit................
1st March and little Liam is 9months old and Ouma Ria & Oupa Billy helped celebrate the day and were witness to him starting to crawl for the first time, which he started doing on Friday 27th Feb. He is now mobile - as the saying goes. Mom and Dad couldn't wait to show us.
That's now lekker, ridding horsie-horsie on Oupa's foot

His tee-shirt has a message for his mom - Be nice to me or I am off to Grandmas ........
just click here to jump over to - blog to see him crawl and........ well see for yourself

That's it for now, from the news desk - now over to the weather desk- it will be bright skies - no rain - uv levels not to bad - and that's for Margate SA - plenty of warm sea water and loads of sea-sand.