Tuesday, 29 June 2010

its 5 PAST 8 and time for the 8 O'clock News

Yip it is a late bulletin, and well overdue, over the past three weeks I have stacked up quite a lot of items, the reason being that I have just been busy with a few odds and sods. never mind the EDITOR is back in the saddle so we will have a bumper NEWS, if you have anything to add to the NEWS then get it in the post right NOW NOW NOW and it will be added, remember, photo's, video's and a short story ( or a long one) but get it in now.

Items on the up and coming news are, Gordon turns 70, Wadey wedding, Oupa Bechard, Frank is a big chief and is coming to visit UK, Tricia is going places, Leon's back Yard, Liam is a big boy now, Billy does some garden work, Molly is in Utah, England bounce out of world cup, Summer hits the UK, Tessy well wait and see- she has promised a video, Carol will surely have something important to share, Monica - teachers always have something to say, Andy and Tania go camping with the DOGS, and lots more, and for those that missed it, a couple of missed blog birthdays, sorry Mitch has already turned 64, refer to the blog last year edition, click here if you missed it. When I'm 64.

The Editor

Sunday, 13 June 2010

World Cup 2010 item 3 - LADUMA

Well I asked for World Cup photos and this one tops them all.
Santie, Ria's sister Sarah's daughter with her partner VIV.
Viv is the Blog champion Vuvuzela blower.

Sunday, 6 June 2010

Kay and O'dee - the new Gonda Beatrix

Dear Editor – here are some photographs of Kayla,
she likes to be called Kay, with her beloved horse O’Dee.

Debbie took these while Kay was riding yesterday so maybe you can ask her for a story or make one up for the Blog.

Kay & O'Dee

Hey two articles for the BLOG in one day, now that’s quite something!!
Love - Carol

It is questionable if it was a Second Honeymoon

Sandra, James and Sarah went on a camping weekend recently and slept on their boat! When Dad/Grandad got to hear of this sleeping on the boat weekend he said ‘oh the Stapelbergs’ must be having a romantic evening sleeping on the boat! I said…WHAT, with Sarah around not a chance.
BUT most importantly Sandra SAID ‘Tell Dad his idea and my idea of a romantic evening are definitely not the same…
my idea of a romantic evening is a night in a 5 star luxury hotel,
NOT sleeping on a boat and having to prepare the food as well.

So here’s to

A romantic evening on the Boat for the BLOG.

World cup Soccer South Africa 2010 - RSA

This is what Debbie sent in....... Soccer fever has hit South Africa the last two weeks with a huge bang, especially in Sandton, Johannesburg. The city looks stunning with all the flags flying. A lot of the teams have arrived without incident – hopefully it stays like that. Our government has put out a strong message to the country that they will not tolerate any security incidents so let’s hope all goes smoothly. Our Gautrain will be operational within the next few days so we are looking forward to a 10 minute ride from Sandton to ORTambo airport. Beats sitting in the traffic for an hour. Our road infrastructure has been upgraded …. At times I feel like we are in Australia – our roads and major intersections are of a high international standard now – still a few road works in place but otherwise traffic flows smoothly, especially on the north rand.

I am fortunate to be co-organising the Special Olympics Unity Cup match hosted by Coca-Cola in Cape Town on 3 July 2010. This match is the first of its kind worldwide and takes place just before the FIFA World Cup Quarter Final Match. Hope to get a few photos with some of the soccer celebrities from around the world – will send photo’s if I get it right. Next year I get to go to Greece for three weeks with Special Olympics for the Special Olympic World Summer Games. How awesome….

World Cup Soccer in South Africa - 2001 - AUSSIE RULES

Today (Sunday) all over Australia with our newspaper
for just $2-00 we got this scarf. We have very beautiful
adverts on TV showing the wild animals and the dancing
of the Native People. Wonderful positive adverts, showing
the beautiful side of South Africa.
The South Africa we remember.

So lets have some more competitive soccer photo's