Tuesday, 30 September 2008

The YOUNG ONES - Carol & Tessy

Just a few hours ago we were having dinner with Carol, James, Sandra, Jess, Sarah,
Monique and Duncan.
Carols journey Down Under has come to an end far to fast and I have not been able to spend the time with her as I would have liked.

Thanks SIS for a wonderful dinner.

September is full of celebrations for the Cowles

Today 30/09/2008, Charnelle & I celebrated our 30th wedding anniversary.
Golden anniversary.
Thanks & ciao Frank

On the 22/9 /2008 Billy and Ria also hit a milestone of 35years.

Billy & Franky are suffering from "Hessian flu" as the Old man used to say..... sleeping with the same old bag for so many years, DAD used to say that on every one of his anniversary days.

Sunday, 28 September 2008

Dot and Dave go visiting

We have had such a lovely afternoon with Bernadette, Darryl and Jess.
Here is the picture to prove it.
Lots of love Dot, Dave and Helen.
rumour has it that they had a
"BRAAI" and drank "CASTLE BEER"

Saturday, 27 September 2008

October Month - Birthdays on the blog

Spread over the year, all the months are busy months excluding October, so Elizma stands alone on this one

Elizma Cowle 1st October 1976 - 32 England, UK

Happy Birthday Elizma from the 8cowles and the rest of them.

Wednesday, 24 September 2008

59 going on 21 Billy celebrates his birthday

OR IS THIS ONE....... 60 minus 1............

Billy celebrated in style as well with the family Ria, Tania, Elizma, Leon & LIAM. with having roast shoulder of lamb with all the trimmings and then "present time". WoW. Check me out, LCD flat screen TV, wireless mouse, USB hub ext for my PC and a gorilla grabber tri-pod for my Video Camera. And most of all the family with me to enjoy it and all the messages via the Internet. Thanks one and all. Luv you all - lots - Billy.

Well, the day ended of at 23h30, when I went over to Gatwick Airprt to pick up Leon-Elizma-Liam as they returned from their short break in Italy, this made my Day.

"Dankie - Ria" for that cracker of a supper and a fantastic lovable year

September Birthdays - KIRSTYN 21

Yip, the big one of September was the 21st in the States, The Cowles had a great time celebrating and here are a few pics to see the happy 4some Mom-Dad, Sis and Birthday girl celebrate 21years and the 8cowles blog says we will drink to that- CHEERS and many more to come.
Ladies of style

huffing and puffing - to make a wish

Sunday, 14 September 2008

Billy & Dave chat about some old times

Yip, I was working in the garden, Sunday lunch time and my Skype phone started ringing, saying to myself, "who the hell is that can't they see I am busy", well i washed of my hands "clicked answer" and there was Dave Taylor, just as he was 30 years ago, beaming from ear to ear coming across the broadband on his web-cam. We chatted for some time about old times and he questioned me by saying What the hell is a DUTCHMAN doing staying in England. We had a few laughs and went down memory lane. The beauty of technology, there Ria & I were and Dave & Dot swapping views on the webcam. Dave will be sending me his sister Shirley and brother John's address and phone numbers, and I will make contact with them.

Dave has threatened to send some photo's for the blog so watch this space.
Isn't it great just to take that old box of photo's and chuck them out on the floor and pick up one by one and browse over them, bringing back those memories of yesteryear, but now we have other methods - a method of sharing, all you do is upload to picaso or 8cowles blog, send them to me and the magic just happens - they appear on the blog for all family members to browse through them and share your memories and events

Happy days are golf days and Fathers day

Now you all are on for the challenge as to who can hit that little white ball the best. Mitch was overcome with emotion when he received his Callaway clubs 'n Bag
JP and Dad can't wait to challenge Paul Jnr to a great game. As to all you other golfers out there come on down for a game.We have some of the finest golf courses ever. Luv Tessy (Not a golfer)

Tricia Your friend is planning to have a golf game soon with Mitch and a few of his mates, I am sure they will all have a great time, chasing little white round thingies.

Thursday, 11 September 2008

Sea food & Family go down well DOWN UNDER

Just ask My Sis and she, I am sure, will tell you we do fantastic Prawns, crabs and bugs here in Queensland. We had a fantastic few hours together today. Carol & Tessy get ready to get stuck into the Sea-Food
Out of Africa, you use a knife and fork I see
Now if this doesn't make your mouth water then nothing will

We will be spending lots more time together after next week. More photos to come Luv Tessy.

Now we have seen how they do it in Aussie land, its quite strange how they have taken all the time to cook it and it takes Carol just 2 seconds to finish it all on her own.
Here is wishing we were all there enjoying it with you lot Down under.

Sunday, 7 September 2008

Dave & Dot arrive in the blog

After many years of searching I rec'd the most unexpected phone call todaySunday 07/09/08 - No one would have imagined who this could be !! I almost fell out of my wheel chair!
***Our cousin DAVE TAYLOR***
I spoke to Dave and Dot for ages. They are both well and still live inAdelaide. We will be chatting on skype and will definitely keep in closecontact. They are at this very moment looking up the Blog Spot.
This is wonderful news
Love Tessy

Tuesday, 2 September 2008

Carol arrives DOWN UNDER 02/09/2008

Hi one and all,Yes the miracle did happen and my sister Carol travelled an awful long way to see her daughter Sandra, Husband James, and Grandies Paul, Jess and Sarah and of course ME her Sister Tessy. How wonderful it was to open my arms and heart out to Carol on her arrival at Coolangatta Airport at 8.15 pm 2nd Sept 08. We then went on for coffee at their place and later (Much later) left for home which is a good hour and a halfs drive away. J-P took a wonderful video of the airport now we just have to learn how to transfer it to the blog.
Many more photos to come

7 Years later and 2 sisters chat 02/09/2008