Monday, 30 June 2008

Party time @ the UK Cowles - Leon's Birthday

Yip, June was a busy month for the Cowles and all the extensions there-of, but non so busy as the Cowles in UK, especially the young Cowles by name of Leon and Elizma. They have added a new member to the June list, but this instance he (Liam) must take second place, just for a day. Leon also celebrated his birthday this month and had Mom & Dad Cowle, Mom and Dad Retief ( on a baby visit from sunny SA) ,Tania and of course Elizma and Liam to sing him Happy Birthday.
Now many a time we have all wrapped up a present for someone and used a box just lying around in the shed or garage. ie an electric frying pan box to put in a set of fishing reels or something like that. Now this example can be seen at its extreme in the video below, as Leon opens the first unlabeled box to see another box inside with something written on it and a picture - look and listen to his verbal and facial expressions ( no under 18's please ).

Yes it was a Sony Play-Station box and inside the box guessed it.......... just look at his face.

Happy Birthday - LEON
from the whole family
and many many more.

Wednesday, 25 June 2008


Well there is no getting away from it - by that we mean "OLD FATHER TIME" he ticks away second by second and changes our pitch black hair to a faded colour of grey, but with this comes the benefits that we are richer and wiser. Richer in the way that our loved ones have time to celebrate birthdays with us, and wiser for the fact that they are our loved ones. Even if they were not there/here on the day, They manged to take the time to say
" HAPPY BIRTHDAY " KEVIN Monica and Kevin say "Thanks" for all the good wishes,
be it in person, on the phone or via E-mail.
Kevin celebrates his birthday with family and friends at a great lunch at home.
Now back to the grey hair story..... no better not... just leave it be. Monica-Molly and Franky

for a few more pics - click here

Monday, 23 June 2008

It's almost time for those JULY BIRTHDAYS

Well June 2008 is almost gone and if we sleep late tomorrow it will be over and gone before we know it.
Now with July just around the corner, here are the family birthdays to remember.
The blog says to the June babies, hope you all had a cracker of a birthday and lets see what The month ahead holds for all the
JULY Birthdays
Cooper Megan 2 July 1985 - 23
Cowle Franky 4 July 1958 - 50
( this is a big one)
Cowle Charnelle 6 July 1959 - 49
Wadey Tori 29 July 1994 - 14

Friday, 20 June 2008


I could not resist posting this on the blog and wish to dedicate it to all the "OUPA'S in the family.

Monday, 16 June 2008

Carol - " The Birds & the Bees" in her garden

Thought I would sent some nature photographs this time...We don't have to travel far to see a Loerie bird. We have a pair of them that live in my garden this time of the year, they even feed on the window cill. In photo you will note how close the Kiaat tree is to the dining room window as you can see the wooden window frame, the Kiaat tree is about 6 inches away from the window cill. One photo of the Loerie's drinking out of my not so clean bird bath. I don't clean it on purpose as they don't drink from it when I clean it. In a few of the photographs the Loerie is just behind or above the Kiaat tree branch. We also have a Quail that lives in the garden, a porcupine too and then the odd snake or two! Can you believe that these trees are the view we have from our dining room window. All indigenous and named too. The houses that surround us, and that we can see in front of us have maybe one or two trees left in their gardens, the rest were bulldozed out before building started. More garden/bird pictures here - just click The Lowveld is surely God's own country. Proudly South African! Carol

They do it "THEIR WAY" down under

You may all say we have seen it all but you have not seen it all until you see Biltong being made Down Under. Yes every winter we make the best biltong !!!Love Tessy
Jean-Pierre all decked out and ready to do a tower clean (I might have that a bit wrong but that's what I think it is called) then along came the weekend and him and a few of his mates went for a relaxing weekend camping and fishing fresh water. The first fish caught was undersize so back it went to grow a few more inches. All up they had a great time and caught a few really good sized Bass.
For more fishing photos just CLICK HERE. Now that we have SEEN IT ALL, the Bechards down Under have shown us that the can Water Ski, fish, play golf, cook, farm in the garden, make biltong, have weddings, relax, have parties and many other things, ALL THEY HAVE TO DO NOW IS TRY TO MAKE SOME DECENT RUGBY UNION AND CRICKET PLAYERS.

Sunday, 15 June 2008

Fathers Day at the UK Cowles - THE MANS DAY

Now this is what one might call " An Occasion to Celebrate", 15th June 2008 Fathers day. This was a very special day in Billy & Ria's life as Leon of which we are so proud of, had the honour to celebrate his FIRST FATHERS DAY. Just looking at the photo would make any parent proud. Now that we have our first grandson, Leon & Elizma have given us LIAM, there are no words available to explain how we feel, the pride and joy just keeps coming and coming.

Oupa Danie and Oupa Billy, only just fit into the photo, considering the broadness of those shoulders. Now this is what I call celebrating fathers day, Both Oupa's and Dad with the magical miracle LIAM. Can you be the judge as to who has got the biggest smile????????? or the broadest shoulders. Sorry to the Mom and the Ouma's ( no photo) but this is a MANS DAY, but thanks for the lovely food and all the hard work you put into the braai - it was great.



Monday, 9 June 2008

Raise your glass - and say CHEERS

When I received these photo's of Mitch and Tessy, I could only say one thing and that was RAISE YOUR GLASS and say Cheers!, Then a thought crossed my mind, as things come our way or cross our lives and we have obstacles to move, it lead me to think of "Defining" a family - one way or another in each of the brothers and sisters their lives, their partners and their off spring, WHAT COMES TO MIND is a commonality and a bond, and this is defined by "STILL BEAUTIFUL", if any one of you can come up with a better way and in so few words then I'll be dammed. Now back to the pictures, Tessy added this quote to her photo's......... Hello All, a few photos of our lunch out for Patricias birthday (Mitch's sister) turned 61 on the 9th June. love to all, Tessy
Carol wrote the other day, prior to this...........
I decided to take a look at The Blog today having not seen it since Liam's first appearance. After scrolling through the Blog from the start I reached a 'destination'...'Life is a journey, not a destination' (Anon). I added ...enjoy the ride! I reached this very important conclusion, it's taken me 61 years to say it in writing...Molly, Billy, Tessy, Tricia,Franky, Monica and Kevin, I am very proud to be your sister, and a part of the wonderful 'Cowle' family. This has to include all the 'out-laws' too...Gordon, Paul, Ria, Mitch, Allan, Charnelle and Kevin. Thank you all for making me enjoy the ride. Carol. Ok now time for world war 3 or is it 8 we are on now??

Saturday, 7 June 2008

Leon & Elizma- greetings to the whole family

Elizma and I would just like to say a big thank you to all the well wishes, (e)cards and other emails we've received from the extended Cowle family regarding little Liam's birth. He's doing very well and looks forward to, over time, maybe getting to meet a great many of you.
Thanks again, we really do appreciate it. Things are obviously just a bit hectic right now, so we've not had time to thank everyone in person, but thought this blog is the perfect place to do so.
Leon, Elizma & Liam

The Whitaker/Cowle blood line shines through

I got these from Debbie the other day. Photo's taken recently of Tamryn and Kayla. Tamryn got her learners licence last Tuesday, both of my grandies are growing into lovely young ladies and I am so proud of them.
Carol wrote.........
I thought you could maybe slip these two photographs in between flooding us with photographs of Liam. Debbie is going to Angela and Mark's the long weekend so will take some of Catherine and Nicholas and I will send them on to also insert in between photographs of Liam...You can see I am concerned that Liam is going to take over the Blog with grandparents like he has got that are bursting with pride, joy and most of all love.
Billy adds...........
Well last but not least, that's Liam, but with grand adults like this, no wonder Carol is so proud. Hey, can you just close your eyes for one moment in time and picture Debbie as a grandie one day, with this pedigree and beauty, its is going to be something to see......................................

Sunday, 1 June 2008


do still happen, here is the living proof.
This bundle of joy has entered our lives for ever, and will change the way we go to bed, the way we get up, every breath we take, the way we will spend our leisure time and this time will be irrelevant from now on. Liam is a blessing and for us, Billy & Ria - Danie & Lizette our lives have changed from this day on.
Leon and Elizma we are so proud of you!

Welcome to the world Liam, I love that name too.

Did you know it is an Irish name?

Did you know your great great gran, Nana Allcock, was of Irish descent.

You will have to kiss the blarney stone!!

Liam is a baby boy,

Whose come into the world to bring his parents joy.

His Ouma's and Oupa's have waited a longtime for this,

Now their grandy has arrived...what bliss.

The Blog will be filled with your family of three,

Plus the rest of the family that make up your family tree!

I can see your great grandfather Cowle having a pint and a smile,

Saying Liam is 'still beautiful' more than once in a while....

Dedicated to William John Cowle Snr.

its ME "William Daniel Cowle"

I made my very first appearance today 1st June 2008 @ 02h10. Mom is doing fine and I am looking after her until we get home from the hospital, then I will have to take care of Dad aswell.

Well here I am , you can call me LIAM as my Mom and Dad luv this name - suits me with my looks and personality though, hey its summer in the UK so we will be getting upto all kinds of things. Ouma Ria and Oupa Bill are speechless at the moment so they have nothing to say, and my Ouma & Oupa Retief are flying over next week from South Africa to see me.

Watch this space, I imagine there will be a lot more photo's where this one came from, till later then CIAO