Wednesday, 23 April 2008


Surprise! As you may know, Tania and Mom Ria threw me a surprise baby shower last Sunday. It was a wonderful day - I felt utterly spoilt!I just wanted to thank everyone who sent us a beautiful message wishing us the best with our little one. We really appreciate it. Dad Bill went through a lot of trouble to create wonderful cards which we will share with him/her when they're old enough to understand what family is all about...

(Dad - please insert a few examples from the Cowle family cards you created with this entry - just two or three will do. Thanks Peanut!) Lekker slapies! Elizma

Monday, 21 April 2008

Hayley in Hong Kong, has a surprise visit from Texas

Tracey - Charnelle - Hayley
Just short of 24hours after a Winters holiday in the UK, Charnelle flew back home to the States, just to get a change of clothes and wizzed off to the other side of the world with her sister Tracey. A Working holiday of sorts, to go over and babysit Kyra & Carys, while Hubby- Steve took Hayley, the third Sister, on a surprise - to Spain to celebrate her 40th birthday. A good time was had by all.

Click Here > Just a couple of photo's from our trip to Hong Kong.

Thursday, 17 April 2008

The Legend Lives on - by: Nicholas Bart

Nick is now a real cub. He was invested on the 14th March. I attempted to sew on the numerous badges, ok so I am pathetic, Kev had a good laugh at my attempt and took over - he was after all a Springbok scout and I was not ever into sewing. He did a fabulous job. Nicholas will hopefully follow in his dad's footsteps and not mine..Love Mon click here for more pics
Hi Bill, looking great. Thanks so much Nick says thanks too he loved looking at himself on the computer.Love Mon
for more on Boy Scouts goto ----,M1

Saturday, 12 April 2008

"Dad" verses "LEON" .. click here to view

click on the title above "Dad" verses "LEON" to check out the uncanny likeness . Tessy picked this up and sent in the photo of dad..... Billy I find this pic of Daddy and one of Leon taken on Mothers day this year so alike.Daddy aprox 39 yrs old 1956

Thursday, 10 April 2008


With all that goes around, some say it comes around, sounds like a boomerang. Today I was siting on the train on the way to work, about a 1/2hour trip. Looking at all the serious Londoners in their black suits and noses in their newspapers. Other than the noise of the train going clickity-clack, you can hear a pin drop and the train is packed. Now where was I, Oh yes......... going or coming around, brings the thought of Old Bill Cowle - DAD saying... "was I going in or coming out" - Oh how I miss my mind........ never mind, back to my original story. Make My Day is the heading........... To have a great day is a wonderful experience and we all get up in the morning with that expectation of hope that Today will better than Yesterday. Now to have this great day is great and by building this blog REALLY MAKES MY DAY, but while this wonderful miracle happens, and I am having a great day, while I create and MAKE SOMEONE ELSE'S DAY GREAT, now thats something to get happy about. I sincerely hope that me building this blog MAKES YOUR DAY - "CARPE DIEM" all my love to the family and the readers / visitors to THE 8COWLES BLOG....... I have, just this minute "had a GOOD ONE" - BILLY

Wednesday, 9 April 2008


Tessy asks,,,,, Billy is there a way you can put Carols photo of long ago with the latest photo u have and the same with Molly. I think you know what I mean. That would be quite interesting.
Love Tessy .... so here it is..........Job, Done and Dusted
THE TWO OLDEST - YOUNGEST LADIES IN THE FAMILY, NOW FOR THOSE WHO NEVER SAW OR CANT REMEMBER OUR GRANNY - "NANNY ALLCOCK" Molly and Carol as little girls used to spend hours combing and brushing her long long hair down her back to her waist line. There is a picture of her way down on the bottom of the blog somewhere. She would sit for hours while the two sisters entertained themselves brushing, platting and turning it in a "BUN". Guess that takes both of you back down memory lane or what..........1950 or something like that. For those not in the same age group or so old, the 1950's were more than 50 years ago, just before the SIXTIES...................

Well you asked for a picture - just had my haircut!! I am sure the camera has added in some wrinkles!!! Love you all ..........Molly
Hey, I need a photograph back of each of you....some of you I haven't seen in years and some I have never met!! How about a photograph?? Come on......CAROL

and they will end up looking like this, only the photo might be in colour

Sunday, 6 April 2008

Whitaker Family Day in Nelspruit

Now this is what you would call "fantabulous" a day spent with the family - Loved ones, although its a sign of aging when the kids and grand kids come a join the party. Now when you look at some of the Grand Kids, who are now Young ladies then you really start feeling old. With all this the Paul and Carol had the family around, to jointly celebrate some family birthdays and wedding anniversaries.
But looking at the "Tessy birthday list" the Whitakers are going to be celebrating many more of these FAMILY DAYS in the near future. Don't we all wish we could join them.................................................

for some more of the latest Whitaker photo's just click here April 2008

Whitaker and Son Construction cc

Riskon Development- THE SITE : Paul Snr. & Paul Jnr. 0f Whitaker and Son Construction cc. working towards Sept 2008. Two more floors to go and then penthouse office on top.This job has to be complete at end of September 2008. We have a very good name for keeping our sites clean. More photographs to follow, watch this space. Carol posted this as a very proud business partner working as a supporting roll assisting the two Pauls in the back-ground.
Carol said.....What do you mean? I am the Managing Director. Just a joke. Thanks Billy. Corli runs the office, I wander around wondering what I used to do...the guys do all the hard work together with our staff and here are some pics of the staff.