Sunday, 31 May 2009

1 year old today - I love you Mama

One day not so long ago a child was born and our lives changed forever - William Daniel Cowle arrived 1-06-2008. Leon & Elizma were blessed with a son "LIAM"

Today we celebrate his 1st year - unbelievable how time fly's when you are having fun, and fun it was. It is just amazing how this little fella has changed our lives - all of us,
Leon-Elizma, Ouma Ria & Lezette and Oupa Bill & Danie.

I want to take you down through Liam's tunnel of the last 12 months with a few photo's. The background music I have chosen is with a thought in the back of my mind, to sketch a futuristic picture, not of the year behind us but a few years ahead, lets say when he is off to university or a trip overseas and he writes a email and sends it back home.

Enjoy the year gone by with me and turn up the volume and listen to the words.

Vir my Mama en Papa - Dankie van Liam

For more photo's and video's of Liam's first birthday party, pop over to Leolizma's blog and Bill & Ria's blog - Wow what a awesome day we had celebrating.

Tuesday, 26 May 2009

Face Book - the new version

Just when you thought you were looking at the 8COWLES Blog you find your self on
FACE BOOK - the new version

Its 8 O'clock again - NEWS TIME

Yip its actually now 5 past 8, never mind better late than never....................

Wow, how times flies when you having fun, It is very hard to get to grips that it is the end of may already and we move into the second half of 2009.
Now here is some good news from our reporters/detectives in Nelspruit

Debbie contacted the Department of home affairs and gave them Kevin’s full date of birth and full name. She told them we just want to find out if he is still alive and that we are trying, as a family, to contact him. They told Debbie he is alive, he is in South Africa but they are not permitted to use the voters roll to inform family or anybody of any ones whereabouts. What they did say they would do is contact Kevin, in writing I presume, and give him our details and also that we just want to know if he is ok. Debbie received a letter from Home affairs confirming that they will do this and then it is up to him.

Billy, Debbie will be sending you a scanned copy of the letter she received from Home Affairs. They were indeed very helpful.

At least we now know he is still alive and if he wants to contact any of us it’s over to him.

Your friendly detective agency,

Debbie and Carol


Next up, Molly and family had a good trip to Europe, popped in to London and then a week in France, so we all look forward to some amazing pictures of the adventure.
Carol took some pics from her lounge window of her new house and this is what came out once she had the film developed at the chemist, - wow have not heard that done in 20years............ just a laugh, is it not amazing this digital camera era we live in. Remember how we all looked in awe, when some rich person pulled out his instant Polaroid camera........... Carol says this photo is the benefit of staying on an estate that is stocked with game animals, we cant wait to see the Rhino or elephant on her pati0
And this is what it would look like if the Elephants popped in for a sun downer
As stated above the year is flying, just yesterday when the cowltjies were around to help celebrate the Bulls win in the semi-finals S14, it is just inconceivable to think 1 week to go and LIAM will be 1 year old, Elizma was saying... he is growing up much tooooooo fast and wishes to stall it and slow the growth down because he is so gorgeous and full of tricks.
go check out and Bill & Ria's blog for some more fantastic pictures of Liam.
Talking of birthdays, this coming month of June has another big one, IT IS PARTY TIME
ALLAN COOPER IS 60 on the 5th June
buy your plane tickets, drive there swim or walk because you are all invited, just give Trish a ring if you are going.
Last Saturday Billy-Ria-Tania went to the theator to see Singing in the rain. Now that was worth every penny spent on the tickets. One of the best live shows we have seen, throughly enjoyed it.

Of all the shows we have seen so far, Mama Mia, Cats, Lion King, Phantom of the Opera, South Pacific, "Singing in the Rain" rates as one of the top shows so far.

Now, a very special thanks

For all your thoughts and Prayers, the amazing words of support and extreme love in all your messages, emails and sms's during Leon's 2 months of illness, he has made an amazing recovery and is once again his old cheeky self - My hero is back - WOW.

What I loved about the whole thing, was those little things, the bond of unconditional love and friendship - it has made me richer - a very richer man.



Sunday, 17 May 2009

A wet & windy get together in London

Two of the finest- maturing with beauty, elegance, looks and grey hair

Molly - Lisa - Gordon - Adrian - Shaun
Typical, spring going on summer, Molly, Gordon, Lisa and Adrian arrive in London on-route to their holiday in France and the weather turns sour, rain more bloody rain and a chilly wind. So we all - that's Shaun, Billy, Ria and Tania met up with the tourists for a lovely Sunday afternoon.
Three of the younger or is it Not so young any more
Adrian - Shaun - Tania

Unfortunately the younger Cowles, Leon,Elizma and Liam were held back home with a bad dose of the" common Cold", The little fella was not to well at all. Shame that Tori was stuck back at home, as it was still School time.

We all got together at a lovely casual restaurant just a small walk from Waterloo Station, three of us had 41, two had 44 and the other two had 46. Actually not to bad, one could call it classy Chinese food, very well presented over 4 courses, some strange dishes with the pork and prawns not in a traditional crispy batter but in a jelly type dumpling - very very tasty at the same time as being something very out of the norm.

It was great catching up and chatting and as the afternoon drew to a close, they went back to their hotel and we all caught the train back to Woking about 40minutes away.

Bon-voyage Molly, Gordon, Adrian & Lisa, enjoy your trip to Paris and we look forward to some photo's and news in two weeks time. Oh, almost forgot, Ria also wishes "Sally" a good trip and fantastic holiday in France.

Dedidcated to Molly - two weeks ago, she said to me.........
"You make Me laugh, You make me cry"

Wednesday, 13 May 2009

Mothers day in the UK and SA

This one is for ELIZMA - OUMA ZET - OUMA RIA

Well, what is a family without a mother, I am sure you all know that answer only to well, need I go into the detail - NO.

It is strange that the day set aside for this special person in all our lives, differs around the world, but it still stays special - so here is wishing all the MOMS a very happy MOTHERS DAY 2009.

Here in the UK in April we had a special mothers day this year as someone could celebrate it for the first time - ELIZMA, and where was she - in South Africa having a holiday. Well last Sunday it was mothers day in SA, so with Elizma's folks here we all decided to celebrate - as you can see on Leon and Elizma's Blog, we had a Sunday roast at their house and went out for cream tea at Saville Gardens. What a great day, and of course a further celebration because Leon was out of hospital and was with us, Family complete.
1st Mothers day, last month we ( Tania, Ria & I) had a cheese and wine in our back garden.

2nd Mothers day - Then of course we went out for cream tea and a walk in the park.

Happy Mothers day - 2009