Friday, 25 February 2011

It must be called " Packers Day" 25th February 2011 - CHEANE COWLE

The winner takes it all, so much has happened this year, with all the hair do'es and make-up's  - not to mention the big venture of business. We all wish you the best of success

25th FEBRUARY 2011

Saturday, 12 February 2011

Its another Birthday - JP Bechard 12/2/2011

Well, looking at the picture, there is a old saying - " The apple does not fall far the tree" lets hope the little white ball does not fall to far from the hole.
Mitch at least you have someone close by to give you a couple of good tips on that drive swing of yours.

Happy Birthday Boykie for the 12th February.

All our love Mum, Dad, Monique and Duncan
& from all on the blog - have a cracker of a day
its a 4 iron JP

Sunday, 6 February 2011

Its Tania's Birthday 7-2-2011 ** 32years today - WOW

A question I ask myself as a DAD is  -- "What is a Daughter"???
the answer is actually pretty simple.............

A Daughter is ..... a little girl, that comes into her Dads life 32 years ago, 
she grows up to become his 

Yip -  Tania is just that - nothing more and nothing less, and looking around her family and friends, this question or should I say the answer, can be verified by one & all.

Not only is it her Birthday celebration today 7th Feb 2011, but this year - in a few weeks time she will be walking down the Isle with me - for me to give her away to her
Newest and Dearest BEST FRIEND - ANDY

May 2011 bring you sooooooooooooo much Happiness and Love 
Tania - my Madampie - from Ougroote


We got together saturday to wish Tania happy birthday at Leon-Elizma's house, Liam had to say HIP HIP HOORAY and help Tanas open her presents. With the singing and the toast with champagne all done, 
we all went out for dinner.
Happy birthday from us all - LEON - ELIZMA - LIAM - RIA - BILLY - ANDY

TANIA 7-2-2011 

and then - there is 
"A Day in the life of TANIA"