Tuesday, 20 July 2010

2nd edition of 5 past 8 News ** Congratulations! - Félicitations !



Pappi Bechard

Yes Mitch's dad, turned 91, now that is some achievement and the 8cowles blog send out a loud cheer of
" For he's a JOLLY GOOD FELLOW" & so say all of us.

Joyeux anniversaire

Bon anniversaire, nos vœux les plus sincères
Que ces quelques fleurs vous apportent le bonheur
Que l'année entière vous soit douce et légère
Et que l'an fini, nous soyons tous réunis
Pour chanter en chœur : "Bon Anniversaire !"

Although he is not "Cowle" family as such, He, is I think the oldest remaining relation.
My father in law, Pappi Bechard, born 1919, turns 91 on the 29th June 2010
Wow look at the 3 - 91's in that 1919 and 91
Father to Joseph Henri Michel (Mic) Bechard
Pappi (father in law) to Teresa / Tessy Bechard
Grandpere to Genevieve Michelle Monique Bechard,
Grandpere to Mary Teresa Bernadette Conlon
Grandpere to Joseph Henri Jean - Pierre Bechard
Great Grandpere to Jessica Michelle Morgan
Best wishes - Mes/Nos meilleurs vœux

Monday, 19 July 2010

FINALLY - THE 5 PAST 8 NEWS- The Billyreena

Normally one would read the news from page 1 to the end, But here on the 8cowlesblog we read from the "BACK PAGE" backwards to the front page, the sports are so much more interesting.

Here is Carol and Paul, looking at the blog with keen interest!

                                                                                Oh! PA - what big eyes you have got
18th JULY 2010
Frank and Charnelle have popped into the UK for a small visit and for Frank it's work, at the Farnborough Air Show. We all got together at Leon & Elizma's house for a Sunday afternoon braai. Shaun pitched up as well as Tania and Andy. We caught up on some old family history and had some good belly-laughs. The Macarena was the hi-lite of the afternoon and it brought the house down. I must say it was a bit of a shame to take the Mickey out of THE EDITOR, but he has broad shoulders and will continue to amuse the family on the blog - come what may.
You send in the material and the EDITOR will mess with it for sure. before it gets published.

Well here are two videos, 1st of the Afternoon Braai and the 2nd is the FAMOUS BILLYREENA.

Please take note that all the dancers taking part must


Now for Item 2
World Cup Soccer and some very interesting news
on the "Special Olympics"

Monica, the only other one apart from our Kevin in South Africa. If you were watching the news last night on TV you would have seen the ‘Special Olympics’ soccer game, well a snippet of it. Jacob Zuma and Mathews Phosa where there as Debbie is part of the organization team that organizes events like these. Debbie flew to Cape Town on Wednesday for the special soccer game. The teams come from all over the world and consists of mainly mentally retarded people or physical disability that still allows them to take part in events like these. The Special Olympics head office is in America, Debbie liaises with them months before each event as it takes a tremendous amount of organizational skills. Being part of the Special Olympics and other events for the mentally retarded is a part of Debbie’s job that she absolutely loves. There is a Special Olympics office in Johannesburg that has people working there that do only that as their job. I am very proud to say that Debbie co-ordinates the Johannesburg office with the American Office and together with one other woman they make sure it all comes together in the end. Next year the Special Olympics will be held in Greece so Debbie is very excited about that. I will ask Debbie to put some photographs on the BLOG of the Soccer game played yesterday and another today.
Here are some Photos of the Whitaker clan at the Nelspruit Stadium during the World Cup
Mr Editor you asked for news so that’s my fair share…CAROL

The Burnett's and the Ritchie's, Catherine (Molly Moo), did enjoy it after all, go off to the world cup match in 'Jozi'!! For those that are not in the know, Jozi is South Africa's slang for Johannesburg. Then included in these photographs, Tam and Kay came to stay with us for a few days and went to watch one of the games held in Nelspruit at our beautiful, awesome, Giraffe
like stadium. Bafana Bafana was out so 'The Down Unders' will be pleased to see that they each painted the others face and supported Australia. To finish off our world cup news and photographs Tam and Kay went to the local Fan Park held at Bergvlam School to watch a few of the matches on the big screens and blow their 'pupazelas' - yes that's what the team from Chile,
staying in White River, called the vuvazela's. I might add that Nelspruit/White River and surrounding areas in Mbombela Municipality have benefited greatly from the infrastructure and the beautiful 3, plus some 4, lane roads. Everyone agrees that the disruption and long wait has been well worth it. Proudly South African!

Thursday, 8 July 2010

its finally here - well almost 10 past 8 on 9 July 2010

I am sure you have all had and heard the Apple hype of the IPHONE - 3G, 3GS, I4 and IPAD, well here is the 8C-PAD, and for all of you its free- just down load it and watch it - For free - right here on the 8Cowles Blog - JUST FOR YOU ALL.

The 5-past 8 news to follow............... at 10 past 8.........

Monday, 5 July 2010

Make them laugh-

Well I promised a bumper 5 past 8 news bulletin, but I had to practice some new ( for me that is) editing techniques. So here is a preview of what I have been practicing. I took some old photos and put them into a movie, the evidence is proof of a success, my first try at using this technique, so have a taste and watch what is to come in the 8 O'clock news.
Ria thought I had lost my mind, dancing in front of the video camera - doing nothing!

to all my Family and friends - with lots of LOVE