Sunday, 10 February 2008

Tania turns 29.......7th February 2008

Yip, father time waits for nobody. It was Tania's 29th, we spent the day of her birthday at home that evening, sharing it with Mom, Dad, Leon & Elizma + 0.6756, opening presents. Friday night we went to the theater to see the musical SOUTH PACIFIC, and enjoyed it tremendously. Then Saturday night we all went out for dinner at a local pub/restaurant. Happy birthday Tania, this is the last you will see of the 20's, Next year you and Dad have a special year, You 30 and Billy 60, quite a magic year, then Tania is half Billy's age. BIRTHDAY PICS ARE HERE.

Sunday, 3 February 2008

Grand kids birthday party in Nelspruit - Nicholas Ritchie

Its party time in the family with Grand Children.
Mark & Angela in Nelspruit. Nicholas Ritchie, 3 years old! Includes blowing out the candles, 'Pa'the grandies call Paul Sr 'Pa' with affection. Paul Jr giving lessons inperseverance on making balloon animals, Catherine concentrating on paintingher nails with a gift from Uncle Paul and Aunty Corli. Catherine sitting inher new camping chair from Nana and Pa. Nicholas got one in Blue, andKaitlyne got a pink one. A good time was had by all at Debbie's house. Posted by Carol 3 Feb 2008, for more fun and pictures click here

Friday, 1 February 2008

The Best of the Burnetts

Proud Nana -Carol
Has every right to brag about these two beauties. Here is a photograph of Kayla’s 1st day at Uplands College, Tamryn is in matric next year…can you believe it…Seems like the other day I played ‘shop shop’ with these two little mites at 9 Blue Grass!!
Debbie & Doug are just as proud, who wouldn't be.

Dads Rose Down-Under

The rose bush that my sis Carol gave me via Tia - "Daddy's Rose Bush" just keeps on giving me beautiful roses with the most wonderful perfume. I always put the cut roses in the vase that was one of Mommy's favourites ( you might all recall the purple vase that looks like an arm and hand with fingers) Next to my Special photo of Carol and a small photo of Daddy taken on his 80th with Kevin in the photo - the lost one. Tessy adds this and says click here to see more, Tessy's treatment of hands/fingers hands is off to a good start, and before long she will be typing with all her fingers, we all know what she has achieved before, so this is just one more step in her fighting attitude to climb the ladder in her list of objectives.

Texas has new Citizens of the U.S.A

Charnelle & Kirstyn became US Citizens yesterday, 29/01/2008.
Frank & Cheane's papers still in the works? Well thats about half way there, does that mean that they add another star to the flag now? To see other related photo's of the big day CLICK HERE. when Frank and Cheane joint this elite group this page will be updated. America welcomes the Cowle family, click here to see when franky was sworn in much later