Monday, 31 March 2008


TESSY receives her "OSCAR" from her FAMILY & FRIENDS, the guy with the camera gets "BEST CAMERA-MAN", the surfers of the DSA get "BEST SUPPORTING STARS"



There are more small movie clips to watch of this amazing event. Click on movie number below.
Tessy, Mitch is right, he said "PICK THE BEST PHOTO", so I followed the great man and his words of wisdom ---------- PICKED THEM ALL.....

Saturday, 29 March 2008


Mitch, Sarah, Sandra & James
The South African support team looking on.
It's really great to now have extended family here in Australia. We are not able to see each other as often as I would like but it was great to have them come and cheer me on. JUST LOOK AT THE POSTINGS BELOW.............. SCROLL DOWN






Each time u think I've done it all I just keep on giving you more. "Anything u can do I CAN DO better....." or at least I can try. THE KING OF THE WAVES - TESSY


Tessy surfing with the help of "The Disabled Surfers Ass" this was my first time in the sea since my accident in 2004 and wow what a feeling there were no words or enough tears to describe the wonderful time I had in the surf. There are many more photos to come and even a video or 2 when we know how to send them. Love Tessy

Friday, 28 March 2008

Its celebration time in March 2008

28 March 2008
Five years down the road and they enter a new year 2008 with great expectations. Leon & Elizma celebrate their wedding anniversary today . Many more say the family.
After a few more years down the road, Paul celebrates his..... no, not his 5th or 50th but 62nd - Happy Birthday from the Family ,Paul.

28th March 2008


Now from Tessy's hard work on her birthday list, we hope we can put family birthdays / anniversaries and the like and photo's on the blog, but you all have to send me the photo...... get clicking or I use a old photo............or anything I have-- so be warned.

We missed out a few Birthdays from January 2008, but now onwards it is going to be a regular feature so keep clicking...........clicking.......clicking and sending......?????


Up and coming for April 2008
Kayla Burnett 3 April
Mark Ritchie 13 April
Paul Stapelberg 16 April
Jessica Morgan/Bechard 19April

Sandra Stapelberg Does it Down Under

Just me bragging about my Daughter Sandra…She is on page 2 dressed in a black and white dress….which Mom wouldn’t brag hey….Carol

and Sandra said...... hi Mom, Just bragging!!! cheers -sands........ when she emailed the copy of The Holiday Club March 2008 Magazine to her MOM from Australia.

New appointment

Sandra is our new financial controller for the Holiday Club group in Australia. She holds a Bachelor of Accounting Science from the University of South Africa. Sandra previously filled the role of financial executive for The Holiday Club group in South Africa and was with the group for 12 years before relocating to Australia.
Congratulations on your appointment Sandra and your choice to join our team in Australia.

Wednesday, 26 March 2008


TESSY SENT US A PICTURE OF KOJAK - ALIAS MITCH, SO I TURNED HIM INTO TELLY SAVALAS. CLICK HERE TO SEE KOJAK IN ACTION. Once viewed, just click on refresh ( the 2 little green arrows in menu bar) to view again and again, or close and run from blog again.
For the younger generation who don't know who KOJAK - Telly Savalas is ??? Here is the link to his WEB-SITE -
Tessy had a major re-action to this posting of Kojak-Mitch ..... it went like this, copied from her Email sent today 27/03/2008 ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,Kojak

What next Billy will you have me walking again ....
Never fear I wont hold you to that one
Mitch and Monique watched Kojak over n over they were fascinated.

Love Tessy and Mitch
Makes all the time spent on the blog 110% worth it and if it inspires HER or anyone else to greater heights, then what the hek.............just get posting items to me and see your family grow closer and closer through this blog from all over the world.
Lots of love ---- Billy =

Tuesday, 25 March 2008

Cowles from Texas brace the UK weather

Yes "thecowles" hopped on a plane all 4 of them and came for a SPRING BREAK to the UK, after clocking up many hundreds of miles, not only in the car but walking as well, they spent the last 2 nights in LONDON TOWN in sub-zero temperatures, sleet and snow falling outside they had to find some way of getting warm from the inside-out, and there was only one way -DRINK A SPRING-BOKKIE or two or three. Well it looks like they really had a good time, and Shaun even downed a couple as well. The two girls went out with Tania and a friend the night before -- 5PM to 5AM was a marathon of a night out, while Mom and Dad joined Billy and Ria for supper at a typical English pub in Woking-Surrey. Just a few photo's from the visiting and clubbing with family is here - just click. Doing it the family way - together, Nephew & Nieces getting together for the first time in many many years.


Well, just when we thought Tessy had done it all, here she is at it again. As the saying goes, " A mothers work is never done", Just last week Tessy wrote a Easter message about Mitch ( see below in blog), This week-end while the Texan Cowle's were visiting the Uk, we were discussing this and both Franky & Charnelle passed the comment " WE THINK MITCH + HIS TWO DAUGHTERS + THEIR SON SHOULD BE MADE "SAINTS" ADDING THE HURRICANE". Here is a hero's cheer for them all.......... For they are jolly good fellows-and so say all of us. Mind you when I look at the photo, I would think Tessy is at the GYM having a work-out.

Thursday, 20 March 2008


MOLLY WROTE:----My wish is that our family and dear friends have a blessed Easter, everyone keep safe, spend time in prayer at this very special time, enjoy every moment with your loved ones - I will be thinking of you all. Gordon and I are spending Easter in the Luangwa Valley game park and I will be attending Easter morning service in a local church in the village of Mfuwe. Will try and get some pictures for you all.
My love thoughts and prayers go to each and every one of you - life is so precious - live every moment and do not have regrets. Remember - keep a green tree in your heart and perhaps the singing bird will come. Love you all - Molly

CAROL WROTE:.........As you know this weekend is EASTER WEEKEND, and I would like to wish each and every one of you and your families a lovely HAPPY EASTER and May the LORD bless you each in HIS own special way!
If you are travelling, please drive safely and hope you have a lovely break (well deserved) and if you are just chilling at home, relax and enjoy.
God Bless, Take Care - CAROL

BILLY WROTE..... I wish one and all - from Molly through all brothers and sisters down to Kevin, and extended families, Wadey's, Whitaker,s, Cooper's, Bechard's, Bart's - Cowle's etc etc etc. A special moment in time to spend Quality Time with your families is one of the Greatest gifts- accept it with open hearts and use it. Special prayers and blessings to you all. Love Billy & Ria

TESSY WROTE:...I made a promise this year that if I had nothing good to say to or about someone then I would say nothing. Well I never said that if had something good to say then I would say it.
This is a very special time of year with much rejoicing.
I must give much thanks and rejoice in having such a wonderful man in my life. He may not get up every day and go to work, NO he works 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. There is not one of you, my brothers and sisters, who could even contemplate what Mitch does for me. I am blessed.
Love to all Happy Easter....Tessy

PAT WROTE:.......EASTER in the UAE is not celebrated officially and Sunday is a normal working day. We do have a long weekend this weekend as Thursday is a public holiday Prophet Mohamed’s Birthday. We also have Good Friday off as Friday is our normal weekend day (Like a Sunday) Saturday is Saturday like the rest of the world, but we work alternate Saturdays, but fortunately it works out that Allan & I have this one off so it’s a three day weekend. Sunday is back to work as it’s the start of the week. I have given all my Christian staff Sunday off in order to go to church. We have a number of employees from the Philippines and most of them are Catholics. Also my Sri Lankan staff are also Catholics and a small number of Indians. There is a huge Catholic Church in Dubai, St Mary’s and is part of a convent school. See the picture taken at Christmas at St Mary’s. The actual church is not big enough so the broadcast the mass onto big screens all round the school grounds, tennis courts, basketball courts as the whole property is just packed with people trying to be part of the mass. A number of Christian religions have their main mass on a Friday instead of a Sunday. This Sunday will be different being Easter Sunday.
Hope you all have a great Easter and enjoy whatever you are doing. Think of me at work (my boss did not give me the day off!!)
Love to all...
Coopers in Abu Dhabi UAE

Dear all my precious family,
Wishing you all a blessed Easter and special time spent doing what you most want to with those you love. God Bless you all and keep you safe.
Love and thoughts Monica

SHAUN COOPER WROTE: Happy Easter everybody

Wednesday, 19 March 2008


This is a further 4 ball challenge from Mitch - Down Under. Who in the FAMILY has got a better swing than this??? Lessons are provided every day of the week by appointment only.

Send in your entry photo's to the editor -, and his say in the BEST SWING COMPETITION is final, correspondence and photo's welcome - bribes as well.
Golf is for those that dont work & Work is for those that dont play golf.

Monday, 17 March 2008

Dinner in Pretoria 4/3/2008

Celebrating a quick visit, Kevin-Monica and kids, Franky and Molly got together for supper in Pretoria and by the looks of it, especially the ice-cream bit it could be said " CARPE DIEM", and family get-to-gethers are always celebrated with smiles from ear to ear. Check out some other photo,s here.

French Champagne on the Bus

Now this is doing it in style......... Monica-Kevin-Molly and the little Barts went to the Celine Dion Show in South Africa, and had to crack a bottle of chammies on the way to celebrate, and of course you will see in the photo's ( click here) that Kate was thrilled to bits about the whole thing, now entering the realms of a young lady, see her on her GRADE 7 tour. A fun-day had by all............ suppose you lot are green with jealousy. Lots of Love MONICA & KEVIN...XXXXXXXX

Wednesday, 12 March 2008


Sorry no photo at this stage, but we have a new IRON LADY in the family. Meggan Cooper has taken on the cops at "MATIES" just because they cant play rugby does not mean the University is full of none achievers. This item on www-site is worth reading to see what Meg is getting into. link is below just click & go

"Keep away from people who try to belittle your ambitions. Small people always do that, but the really great make you feel that you,too, can become great." --Mark Twain

"No one can make you feel inferior without your permission."-- Eleanor Roosevelt

"Don't let what you cannot do interfere with what you can do." -- John Wooden

now click here to see the item on " MEG COOPER DOES IT HER WAY" Maties unite on Facebook 11/03/2008 15:11 - (SA) and / or goto the facebook page Visit the Facebook group if you have a FACE BOOK ACCOUNT

Well done Megs.................. We hand it to you, take it away and run with it...........Proud of you!

Monday, 10 March 2008

Up in the Morning out on the JOB

Billy @ WORK......... Up in the morning, out on the job. Work like the devil for my pay,, fuss for my women, toil for my kids, Work till I'm wrinkled and grey, for that Lucky old son has got nothing to do but roll around Heaven all day. extract from a song by All Johnston 1938. Just an insight of me at work keeping a 21 story building going and having total fun while doing it, check me out after a click here doing my thing.

Debbie and her Girls meet the Challenge

" SMARTIES " all round for this one, Now we can see all those genes going down the line, From Cowle to Whitaker to Burnett. Debbie has posted the photos of these two beauties and proudly so, just CLICK HERE to get a closer look at some more pics of Debbie's daughters -
Kayla and Tamryn

Monday, 3 March 2008

Dads Rose Down-Under 3/3/2008

Still another new rose from "Daddy's" rose bush, it just keeps on giving me great pleasure with wonderful roses.

When J-P picked this one for me it was so near to perfection that it became Kleenex time Sis.

love ya


Chef Extraordinaire

Jean Pierre has been a great help coming over twice sometimes more every week to help me with the cooking.

Chef Extraordinaire, Boykie, is a great help to his Mum, coming over and creating wonderful cuisine. Some meals he is learning to cook from Mum others are his own creation like the 2 pizzas he created on Wednesday evening. Meatasoris and seafood. Many recipes he has used one of our favourites is the chicken kiev. Check out my HANDSOME BOYKIE - click here Love to all


Sunday, 2 March 2008

Mothers day for the UK COWLES

Its not Official but Spring is in the air, tree blossoms are out in full and Families were out in the millions today, Restaurants and pubs were full, traffic jams galore and Smiling faces with a joyful atmosphere could be felt in the air. It was MOTHERS DAY in the UK, we went for lunch at Tania's hotel in Reading. and it was real good, just a bit better than spurs - real good food. The Ladies all got a red carry bag with a small gift, complements of the management.
Food was very beautifully laid out on the plate and very very tasty. The main photo was taken in the entrance hall to the restaurant. here are some more photo's of the day, notice how Elizma is smiling, the new little one on the block luvs ice cream and champagne. The day was organised by Tania, but you can automatically see that in the photo's. A really great day. Thanks Madampie